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           Nathan M. Yeager photo By Matt Ambrosini

         Nathan M. Yeager photo By Matt Ambrosini

It would not be an overstatement to call Nathan Yeager’s dedication to music a lifetime commitment. Born into a family of musicians and music lovers, Nathan’s earliest memories were of sharing music with his parents. He was playing guitar at ten, forming bands with classmates and performing gigs at places that would never serve someone his age. 

His thirteenth birthday was the real beginning. He was given a 4-track recorder by his father and with it, he fostered his newly found passion for recording. Two years later, he was able to get his hands on a Moog Prodigy which is right about when passion took a sharp nosedive into obsession. His heroes at the time were Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, and especially Tangerine Dream whose soundtrack work helped shape the backbone of Nathan’s cinematically themed compositions.  

Nathan studied Midi, sound design, Music Theory and Production at the New School before the foibles of youth took him touring around the east coast in Post Rock band, Daybed. During their run, they shared the stage with Low, The Boredoms, Pan American, and Spectrum; while releasing two albums under the Shoddy Merchandise label. Following his time with Daybed, Nathan made his first run at soundtrack music, recording pieces for the movie BlackMale. In more recent years, Nathan has performed within the free jazz scene. He has improvised with Daniel Carter, Ras Moshe, Rashid Bakr, Tyrone Hill (Sun Ra Arkestra) and many others. 

Today Nathan Yeager’s lifelong devotion to music is defined by his skills as a unique multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, keyboard, modular synthesizer, homemade electronics, and whatever comes next in the evolution of music. Nathan believes in the positive and healing power of music, wherever it may be found. He sees his current work as scores to short films yet to be realized. They are simply waiting for open ears and an active mind.